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WAGO is a renowned manufacturer of automation technology, offering a diverse product portfolio for various applications in industrial automation. Their range includes innovative products, software, and systems aimed at improving efficiency, safety, and reliability in the manufacturing industry.

Key products in the WAGO portfolio include:
  • Terminal and connection technology: WAGO is known for its high-quality terminal and connection systems that enable secure and reliable electrical connection of conductors. These products provide easy and time-saving installation as well as high contact reliability.
  • I/O systems: WAGO offers a wide range of I/O systems that enable the acquisition and control of input and output signals in automation systems. These systems are characterized by their flexibility, modularity, and easy integration.
  • Interface and fieldbus technology: WAGO provides interfaces and fieldbus systems that enable seamless communication between different devices and systems. These solutions ensure reliable data transmission and contribute to the efficiency enhancement of automation processes.
  • Power supply and voltage converters: WAGO offers a wide range of power supply modules and voltage converters that ensure reliable power supply for automation systems. These products are characterized by their high efficiency, compactness, and reliability.

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