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PHOENIX CONTACT is a leading manufacturer of industrial electrical engineering and automation technology with a wide range of products and solutions. The company's item portfolio includes various categories aimed at meeting the requirements of industry worldwide.

In the field of electrical connection and interface technology, PHOENIX CONTACT offers a wide range of connectors, terminals, cables, wires and cable management systems. These products enable safe and reliable electrical connection in various applications.

For industrial automation, PHOENIX CONTACT develops innovative solutions such as programmable controllers, I/O systems, HMI (Human-Machine Interface), industrial PCs and fieldbus components. These products enable the control and monitoring of production processes and help to increase efficiency.

PHOENIX CONTACT also offers products for industrial communication and networking. These include Ethernet switches, WLAN systems, mobile radio solutions and industrial network components. These enable reliable and secure data communication in industrial environments.

The company also offers solutions for the field of surge protection technology. These include lightning and surge protection devices, fuses and devices for monitoring and diagnostics.

Overall, PHOENIX CONTACT's article portfolio focuses on providing innovative and reliable solutions for industrial electrical engineering and automation technology to meet the requirements of customers in various industries.

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