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BECKHOFF is a renowned manufacturer of automation technology, offering a diverse product portfolio for various applications in industrial automation. Their range includes innovative products, software, and systems aimed at improving performance, flexibility, and efficiency in the manufacturing industry.

Key products in the BECKHOFF portfolio include:
  • Industrial PCs and Embedded PCs: BECKHOFF offers robust and high-performance industrial PCs, as well as space-saving embedded PCs optimized for industrial environments. These computers serve as reliable control centers for automation systems.
  • I/O systems and fieldbus components: BECKHOFF provides a wide range of I/O systems and fieldbus components that enable seamless communication between different devices and systems. These components are used for real-time acquisition and control of input and output signals.
  • EtherCAT: BECKHOFF is the developer and leading provider of the real-time Ethernet system EtherCAT. EtherCAT enables highly precise and fast communication between various components in an automation solution, ensuring high performance and accuracy.
  • TwinCAT software: BECKHOFF offers the TwinCAT software platform, which enables comprehensive automation control, programming, and visualization. TwinCAT is based on the open standard of Microsoft Windows, allowing efficient development and integration of automation systems.
  • Drive technology: BECKHOFF provides a wide range of servo motors, frequency converters, and motor controllers that enable precise motion control in various applications. This drive technology ensures optimal performance and dynamics in automation.

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